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Client: INGO, Anonymous
Location: Global

AtlasNXT & Global NGOs

Our client is an INGO, operating in high-risk environments across the globe.

Phase 1: International Deployment: Our client currently deploys 120 of Track24’s web platforms across the globe, in 22 different counties. The countries include the United Kingdom Somalia, Nigeria, Ukraine and Lebanon, to name but a few of many.

Phase 2: Safeguarding employees travelling to and from Iraq Our client uses our web platforms and applications most readily in Iraq, in order to protect the safety and security of employees and vehicles coming in and out of the country.

Case Study - AtlasNXT & Akkadian International

Track24 provides us with the reassurance we need when travelling to high-risk environments all around the world. Their software is user friendly, permitting staff to easily understand how to use and alert us, as necessary.

Senior Director of Operations, Center for Civilians in Conflict

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