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AtlasNXT: The next-generation location intelligence platform to keep your employees safe, enabled and engaged.

Built on privacy-first principles

The hybrid nature of the modern workforce against an escalating geopolitical and environmental landscape has posed significant challenges to multinational organisations.

It impacts their ability to fulfil duty of care obligations to employees across diverse locations and geographies, as well as their ability to communicate critical, timely and relevant information to an increasingly dispersed workforce.

Added to these challenges is a growing social awareness around privacy related to personal data and a demand for software users to remain in control of the information they share.

We’ve introduced AtlasNXT to provide organisations with a solution to these challenges. Experience an AtlasNXT demo now to empower your organisation in this new working era.

AtlasNXT uniquely applies location intelligence to solve Enterprise duty of care, communication and operational management challenges, offering unified features and functionality across 3 core pillars:

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Fulfil a duty of care to your employees and their families with Overwatch, keeping them safe anywhere, any time.

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Curated Data Feeds
Anticipate and manage risk to your people and operations with curated real-time data feeds, tailored to your organisations risk profile.

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Deliver and promote impactful communications by providing relevant information to the right person in the right place at the right time.

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AtlasNXT is the Duty of Care and Communications platform your employees would choose – here’s why:

Protection with Privacy

  • Privacy-first approach keeps precise location sharing on their terms
  • They feel protected, not intruded upon, and know your organization is acting in their best interests

Streamlined Communications

  • They can be assured that critical information will cut through the noise
  • They can streamline apps and tools with a single platform solution – a win for adoption

Proactive Risk Management

  • Any potential disruption to their activities is anticipated and minimised
  • They can fulfil their roles more effectively with the most relevant information at hand

An integrated solution solving cross-organisational challenges

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