AtlasNXT enables enterprises with location-based operations, at scale, to regain control of corporate communications, intelligently filtering critical information based on people, place and time.

AtlasNXT transforms modern-day operational delivery, improving operational and cost efficiencies, whilst boosting productivity, employee satisfaction and trust.

We are proud to serve and support clients from a range of industries. Discover how AtlasNXT can solve the challenges your organisation faces and revolutionise your operations.

Oil & Gas

Safeguard and communicate with teams and lone workers, on work sites and whilst travelling, in high-risk locations across the globe.


Manage critical events and communicate critical information with teams and lone workers, on work sites and whilst travelling, in high-risk locations across the globe.


Fulfil your duty of care to dispersed workforces and provide effective travel risk and itinerary management, in line with ISO 31030.


Integrate AtlasNXT with your existing GSOC to safeguard media organisations, INGOs and international embassies with on-the-ground, real time-support, in some of the world’s most dangerous operating environments.


Protect employees working on dangerous missions in hostile environments across the globe. Ensure teams are safe, contactable and well-informed of location-specific threats, so they can plan ahead of operations.

Broadcast & Media

Guarantee the safety of teams and lone workers in high-risk locations across countries and continents. Maintain your duty of care throughout travel scenarios and protect your employees during critical events.

Government Agencies

Protect lone workers and teams at increased risk due to organisation and job function, in high-risk locations across the world. Integrate AtlasNXT with your chosen GSOC service.

Sports, Events & Leisure

Provide the best experience possible for your visitors, using travel itinerary management and precise document sharing based on location.

An advanced technology solution solving cross-organisational challenges

cross-organisational graphic
cross-organisational graphic
AtlasNXT cross-organisational challenges
AtlasNXT cross-organisational challenges
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