AtlasNXT is designed to solve the challenges of any organisation with a dispersed workforce that has a low tolerance for risk, or has a complex, mobile operational environment.

We’re already working with companies across a broad range of industries, below are just some of the sectors and scenarios in which AtlasNXT can bring value to protect your people and transform your operations.



Enabling and minimising risk to lone workers

Telecom engineers and contractors are largely mobile, performing operational tasks and maintenance in remote, often hazardous sites. They need access to relevant location-based information for tasks, such as location details, equipment service history, fault reports etc. only at the point of arrival and for the duration of their visit. AtlasNXT’s location-based communications and document sharing get the required information into their hands when and where they need it.


Following a period of violent storms and high winds along the coastline of North Carolina, Ahmed, an engineering team leader for a major infrastructure telecoms company, has been deployed to report and repair several faults to the network both above and below ground…

On location, the relevant information Ahmed needs to complete his task are immediately pushed to his phone by AtlasNXT, including site maps, network architecture and equipment service history.

On assessing the damage, Ahmed is able use AtlasNXT to report details back to the telecoms company, tagging the report to the specific location of the affected equipment. While he works on the repair, customers within the areas impacted by the disruption are regularly updated of progress via AtlasNXT’s broadcast messaging, until the fix is complete.



Protecting and Informing global corporate travellers

While Company Executives regularly travel to global locations, their employers owe a duty of care to ensure their safety. Employees also need to receive information and communications only relevant to their location when they arrive, to quickly orientate and inform them throughout the trip. AtlasNXT’s curated data feeds enable comprehensive risk assessment prior to travel, while Overwatch offers 24-hour operator support throughout the duration of their visit. Location-based communications and document sharing ensure employees are able to hit the ground running.


Oil & Gas

Enabling employees in remote locations

Oil & Gas employees are dispersed globally, performing critical activities in often remote locations across multiple business areas. They need to feel safe, be alerted to critical events impacting operations, as well as have the ability to access relevant information when and where they need to. AtlasNXT’s broadcast communications, Overwatch and critical event management features keep employers in control when the unexpected happens, while location-based document sharing puts only the information remote employees need at their fingertips.



Protecting globally deployed government staff

Government staff posted to high-risk areas are are exposed to potential threats including kidnap, attack, weather events, civil unrest etc. Departments need to ensure risk is constantly assessed, employees are warned of incidents within their vicinity and urgent assistance is provided if required. AtlasNXT’s enterprise messaging and broadcasts keep employees connected based on their location, helping employers manage the challenges of regualrly shifting teams.


Julie is the Regional Security Officer for one of the ‘five eyes’ governments, in Abuja, Nigeria. The embassy uses WhatsApp to communicate threat and incident information to the network group (embassy workers and contractors)…

Julie has been unhappy with this technology because it is not flexible enough for her needs and it’s hard to manage the invitees and members of the group. Richard is a government contractor and visits the country on a regular basis as part of his contract delivery. Regarding evolving security updates, he only receives basic text updates through the WhatsApp group, which he has to remember to sign back into each time he enters the country.

Richard often forgets to leave the group and regularly gets pinged with updates about the local Abuja threat picture, when he’s back at home in Madrid. Richard is worried that this situation will get more complicated this year as his company has just won a number of similar contracts around the world. This problem is easily resolved by AtlasNXT, as information and messaging services can be assigned to locations and groups, with simple auto-enrolment protocols through HR integration.



Creating experiences for fan communities

Major sports teams and franchises can apply location technology to enhance the game experience and provide a community for their fans. With AtlasNXT’s location-based communications and document sharing, fans attending an event can unlock exclusive content such as programmes, player stats, MVP voting etc., only activated when entering the boundaries of a venue.


Media & Broadcast

Protecting journalists in high-risk locations

Media organisations have a duty of care to protect journalists deployed to report in high-risk areas. In addition, a large number of media employees work on location – production teams, reporters and crew need to form specific communication groups for the duration of each project, sharing information relevant to their location. AtlasNXT’s curated data feeds enable networks to quickly respond to developing situations and assess threats based on their tolerance for risk, while the Overwatch and critical event management features keep journalists safe in the field.

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