AtlasNXT: Solving Enterprise duty of care and communications challenges in a single, intuitive platform

AtlasNXT is a unified duty of care, operational risk management and communications platform empowering your organisation to protect, inform and engage your employees and customers.

The platform’s privacy-first, fully integrated approach is designed to optimise global user adoption, alongside highly-curated and customisable information feeds to provide precise, timely and relevant communications only when users need and want them.

Two user types

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Web Operators

Operators have oversight of the global risks to people and operations across your organisation’s geographical footprint. They can centrally manage events, resources and communications through a browser-based web platform to keep all employees safe, engaged and productive.

Smartphone app operators

Smartphone App Users

App users include your employees, customers and partners who need to be quickly informed of critical information relevant to their location. They feel connected to your organisation anywhere, through an intuitive and streamlined application they can trust.

Protect your people, transform your operations.

AtlasNXT applies next-generation location technology to support your organisation in fulfilling duty of care obligations and to meet the communications and productivity challenges associated with a modern hybrid workforce.

Powered by an AI engine interpreting vast quantities of data from sources tailored to your organisations risk profile, AtlasNXT offers features across 3 core pillars, all underpinned by Privacy First principles:

Protect your people, transform your operations.


Be there for your employees and their families when they need you most. Overwatch is a live active tracking session users can activate when they feel vulnerable or threatened, serviced by a 24hr GSOC (Global Security Operations Centre).

curated data feeds

Curated Data Feeds

Stay ahead of potential threats to your people and operations with curated live data feeds tailored to your organisation’s risk profile. AtlasNXT collects and interprets global data to be the first to inform you of events within the vicinity of your employees.

Critical event management

Critical Event Management

AtlasNXT ensures your organisation immediately understands the location and safety status of your people during a critical event, so you can keep control when the unexpected happens. 2-way communication can be requested with affected users throughout the duration of the event to ensure a positive outcome.

broadcast communications

Broadcast Communications

Ensure business critical information isn’t lost in the noise with broadcasts sent directly to the phones of all users within your chosen locations. You can be assured employees will receive relevant information at the time and place they need it.

enterprise messaging

Enterprise Messaging

Promote a sense of community within your dispersed workforce with location-based message groups. Employees can be automatically enrolled into relevant channels based on their proximity to offices, sites and even other colleagues, facilitating localised conversations, social interactions and face-to-face community activities.

precision document sharing

Precision Document Sharing

Transform operational efficiency by decluttering the document storage landscape. AtlasNXT’s location-based document sharing delivers relevant documentation to users on entering a defined location, preventing the opportunity for information to be lost or hidden in complex storage folders.

Supporting duty of care, operational risk management and communications across your organisation


Operations/Risk Managers

Anticipate and mitigate risks to your employees and operations, equip your people with the relevant information at the right time.

Security Personnel

Keep your people safe in any location, know which employees are within the vicinity of a threat and immediately confirm their safety status.


HR Leaders

Fulfil duty of care obligations to employees across all locations, ensure critical information is delivered directly into their hands.

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