MEA Markets UAE Business Awards Software Location Intelligence Specialists of the Year 2022

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By Emily Byrne, Marketing Manager at Track24

Track24 is delighted to be awarded the UAE Business Award for Software Location Intelligence Specialists of the Year 2022 for our new location services platform, AtlasNXT. 

What does the win say about AtlasNXT?

Our award win for Software Location Intelligence Specialists of the Year 2022 showcases how AtlasNXT is the most intuitive next-generation location intelligence platform for enterprise communications on the market right now. AtlasNXT ensures organisational efficiency by solving duty of care, communication and operational management challenges. 

Unlike some of our competitors’ solutions, AtlasNXT is built with a privacy-first outlook at its heart, which optimises global user adoption. “In 2020, [and the years which follow], privacy will be at the heart of technology companies’ offerings.” Source

What does the win say about our business?

Our award win for Software Location Intelligence Specialists of the Year 2022 highlights how AtlasNXT has been built on the solid knowledge foundations of our heritage product suite. Track24 was established in 2004 and serves around 140 customers around the world, delivering proven, best-in-class geospatial security technologies which are trusted to protect people and assets in the most dangerous parts of the world. Our solutions have hosted clients ranging from ‘five eyes’ governments, oil and gas companies, international organisations and NGOs.

The win recognises that Track24’s privacy-first approach means AtlasNXT keeps precise location sharing on employees’ terms, allowing them to feel protected, not intruded upon, whilst they are assured enterprises are acting in their best interests.

How can AtlasNXT benefit your organisation?

Many organisations ask themselves: “Who are my people, where are my people and where should they be?” AtlasNXT provides the platform to answer these questions and support these organisations. One example of how AtlasNXT can benefit your organisation comes from the oil and gas industry. With the rapid growth of oil and gas prices hitting new records in recent months, many shuttered rigs have been reopened, causing more remote workers to travel huge distances, work on compressor stations, pipelines, and pump jacks. Source.

It can be challenging for organisations to monitor employees’ safety, make contact as soon as possible risks emerge and take appropriate action in the case of an actual emergency. The risks faced by workers range from fatigued drivers, loss of communication with supervisors and head office, unexpected illness, vehicle breakdowns and accidents at locations where assistance is not immediately available. Source.

AtlasNXT keeps employees in the oil and gas industry safe, secure and easily accounted for. Overwatch is AtlasNXT’s lone worker safety tool which ensures users can raise alerts or get in touch with organisations should an incident occur. AtlasNXT’s Critical Event Management feature means critical events can be managed on a live map, immediately providing information on the number of people impacted within a defined radius. AtlasNXT ensures Evacuation Plans can be easily accessed and actioned in every eventuality. The AtlasNXT Dashboard and Curated Data Feeds allow your organisation to anticipate and manage risks to your people and operations through the use of real-time information feeds, tailored to your risk profile. AtlasNXT’s Broadcast Messaging feature maintains an effective loop of communication and provides oversight at all times. 

Our MEA Markets UAE Business Award win for Software Location Intelligence Specialists of the Year 2022 recognises our mission for AtlasNXT, to pioneer next-generation intelligence technologies to become the duty of care and risk management solution of choice for organisations that put employee wellbeing and privacy first. 

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